Flu Vaccines now available. Please BOOK ONLINE with one of our Registered Nurses.

Flu Vaccines now available. Please BOOK ONLINE with one of our Nurses.

Should I Get A Flu Vaccine?

Protect Yourself this Flu Season

Flu vaccines are now available at Sage Medical. A yearly flu vaccine is recommended for everyone six months of age and older. It not only protects you, but also limits the flu from spreading to others.

The ideal time to get vaccinated is mid-April to mid-May. However, you can still get vaccinated any time through the late Autumn or Winter as it only takes 2 weeks for our bodies to make antibodies to the flu virus once we receive the vaccine.

Make your booking now:

Book a 5-minute flu vaccine appointment online with our Practice Nurse or give us a call on 03 8606 3206

  1. our nurse will then see you as close as possible to your appointment time
  2. if eligible, you can also receive a COVID-19 booster vaccine at this appointment
  3. relax in our waiting room for 15 minutes after your appointment
  4. we’ll update your vaccination history in the Australian Immunisation Register on the same day

Unfortunately, we can’t provide any other services during this quick appointment. If you need additional medical advice, prescriptions, referrals, or anything else, please book an appointment with your GP.

Do I need to pay for my vaccine?

Flu vaccines are free at Sage Medical for people most at risk, including: 

  • children 6 months to less than 5 years
  • pregnant women
  • people aged 65 and over 
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people 
  • people with certain medical conditions

We charge all other patients $20.

How do flu vaccines work?

Vaccines help develop immunity by imitating an infection. When developing the annual vaccine, scientists grow viral flu particles selectively chosen by researchers to cover the most common flu strains for that year. They copy the viral particles, then kill or weaken them, so they are inactive. The inactivated virus is then purified and made into the vaccine.

When the vaccine enters the body, it causes the body to create a defence, called antibodies, against the flu virus. These antibodies are then ready to help prevent flu infections from occurring. They can also shorten the severity and length you have the flu if a vaccinated person becomes ill with a strain not included in the flu vaccine.