Flu Vaccines now available. Please BOOK ONLINE with our Practice Nurse, Veronica

Flu Vaccines now available.
Please BOOK ONLINE with our Practice Nurse.

Preventative Health

Preventive healthcare aims to prevent illness and assist in the early detection of specific diseases whilst encouraging the promotion and maintenance of good health. Almost half of all Australians have health conditions that could be prevented. You can assess your Type 2 Diabetes risk here using this free calculator tool from Diabetes Australia. 

The team at Sage Medical offer regular Health Assessments during which we check things like blood pressure, weight, waist circumference, cholesterol and glucose levels to identify areas for change and improvement.  We check on your vaccination history, your diet, exercise and identify any risky behaviours e.g. drinking or smoking too much. 

During these appointments, you will be seen by both our Practice Nurse and our GP working as a team. This allows us to provide you with an individualized preventative health strategy based on your assessment. 

Cancer screening programs are another important part of preventative healthcare including the cervical smear test, breast and bowel screening. A PSA blood test is also offered every 2 years for men aged 50-69 after counselling by their GP. We also advocate regular skin checks.

Examples of the Health Assessments we offer are: