Flu Vaccines now available. Please BOOK ONLINE with our Practice Nurse, Veronica

Flu Vaccines now available.
Please BOOK ONLINE with our Practice Nurse.

Nursing Staff & Treatment Room

At Sage Medical West Foostcray, our highly skilled practice nurse is available five days a week, Monday to Friday. Our practice nurse is a knowledgeable health professional who works alongside our doctors to provide safe, high-quality care for our patients.

Our nurses are part of your primary care team

Our practice nurse is an important part of your primary healthcare team. On a day-to-day basis, they take care of many patient needs, including immunisations, wound dressings, suture removals, care plans, ECGs, spirometry, health assessments and emergency triage.

Treatment Room

Sage Medical’s practice nurse works onsite in a dedicated, state of the art treatment room. The treatment room is equipped with the latest medical resources and technologies for optimum medical care.

All patients visiting the Treatment Room must have a treating doctor assigned before a nurse can administer any treatment. Appointments are necessary for all treatment room services.

Aside from ancillary medical support services, our nurses can also triage care and monitor unwell patients whilst they are awaiting further medical services.

Nursing / treatment room services include: