Flu Vaccines now available. Please BOOK ONLINE with our Practice Nurse, Veronica

Flu Vaccines now available.
Please BOOK ONLINE with our Practice Nurse.

Medical Certificate Requests

Have you, or a family member who you care for, had a consultation with one of our doctors within the last 7 days and forgot to ask for a certificate? If so, please complete the relevant form below and submit your request below.

We will respond to your request within 3 business days. We cannot guarantee that your doctor will be prepared to issue a certificate for any day other than the day you attended the Clinic. By completing this form, you are consenting to the referral being emailed to the email address that you have supplied to us. It will be your responsibility to forward this to your employer.

Our doctors cannot under normal circumstances backdate medical or carer’s certificates to cover a period of time prior to your appointment. If you were unwell but could not get an appointment to see a doctor, you can complete a Statutory Declaration instead and submit this to your employer. 

The statutory declaration must contain a statement confirming you are missing work because:

  • you are sick or injured, or
  • you are caring for an immediate family or household member.
  • An authorised person must witness your statutory declaration. 

 You can find statutory declaration forms and information about authorised witnesses on the Department of Justice and Community Safety website. 

Requests for Centrelink Medical Certificates can only be fulfilled during a GP appointment as these are more complex documents.

Dates requested for medical certificate:
Dates requested for medical certificate:

Requests for any other Medical Certificates or Reports

Requests for Medical Certificates or Reports to be completed by Income protection companies/ Insurer’s/ Future Employers/ Gyms/ Superannuation Funds/ Universities, etc. 

These requests will be handled by our doctors outside of their standard consulting times. There will be a fee payable in advance for completion of these requests. The fee will be calculated by your doctor once you have submitted your request. 

Please submit these requests via our practice email on reception@sagemedical.au. Please include the report and make sure that you have completed all your sections of the report before submitting it to us. Once we have received your request, we will endeavour to reply to you as quickly as possible.